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January 2015 News and Updates

  1. We would like to happily announce a new Kindle Edition and new printing of the book Mastering Chess: a course in 25 lessons by IM Dr. Danny Kopec with contributions from Geoff Chandler, Ian Harris, Chris Morrison, and Ian Mullen (304 pp). The book is considered a classic in the general works about chess and can be helpful to players of all levels up to Master. It includes Chapters on Tactics and Combinations (Chandler), Opening Principles and Ideas (Harris, with contributions from Kopec), How to Analyze a Position (Kopec), Basic Positional Structures (Morrison, with contributions from Kopec), and Essential Endings (Mullen, with contributions from Kopec). There are exercise positions at the end of each chapter, as well as an Appendix with examples from World Championship Play.
    Mastering Chess: A Course in 25 Lessons Kindle Edition on Amazon
    Mastering Chess: A Course in 25 Lessons Softcover on
  2. Dr. Kopec is near completing his long awaited video on the History of the Chess World Championship. It will cover the styles and exemplary games of every World Champion from Morphy to Carlsen and is likely to be three to four hours long. The games have been selected and the commentary on the players is complete.
  3. Boston Chess Congress by Continental Chess Association: IM Kopec will be lecturing and analyzing games at the Boston Chess Congress, January 9 – 11, at the Harbor Hyatt Hotel. Lectures will be Saturday, January 10th between 9:00 and 10:40, and Sunday January 11th, between 9:00 and 9:40. Analysis sessions will be at 3:00 pm on Saturday, and 1:30 pm on Sunday. There will be a prize for the “most interesting game” submitted. Kopec Chess Services will be the vendor at the Tournament15 plus products to sell (books, videos, CDs, etc.) as well as a variety chess sets, books from New In Chess, etc.
  4. Kopec’s Chess Camps 2015: Look for a Children’s Day Camp on Long Island, and an adults only Camp in New England in the Summer of 2015. Details in coming months.

South Carolina Open and Simul

IM Dr. Kopec with NM Chris Mabe (courtesy

Dr. Kopec was in South Carolina last week where he visited the Greenville Chess Club for a lecture and simultaneous exhibition.  He also participated in the South Carolina Open where he tied for first with NM Chris Mabe with a score of 4.0/5.0 .


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