Bratko-Kopec Test

About the Test

The Bratko-Kopec Test was designed by Dr. Ivan Bratko and Dr. Danny Kopec in 1982 to evaluate human or machine chess ability based on the presence or absence of certain knowledge (i.e. Master, Expert, Novice, etc). This test has been a standard for nearly 20 years in computer chess.  Experience has shown it very reliable in corresponding to the chess rating of humans and machines.


There are 24 positions.  You are given 2 minutes to select up to 4 preferred moves (in priority order) for each position. Each position (except two) is deemed to have one best move. Scoring depends upon this priority:

Selected Priority

Points Awarded

#1 – 1.00

#2 – 0.50

#3 – 0.33

#4 – 0.25

In addition to the scores and rating, at the end of the test, you will be able to review your performance on each position. Use the ‘Previous’ and ‘Next’ buttons to move through the positions.  For each, you will see which moves you selected and the correct move for that position.

Practice Positions

Here are some positions just for practice (time yourself). In all three, it’s BLACK’s turn to move:




The best moves for the above positions were:

  1. c5
  2. Ne4+ or Ne4
  3. Rxf2

In Ne4+, ‘+’ stands for check.  In Rxf2, ‘x’ stands for captures.

During the test, this is exactly how you are expected to enter the moves:

Click the piece you want to move.  Then click the square you want to move it to.  The selected choice (first, second, third, or fourth) will be assigned your move.  When time runs out, or you click next, your selections will be final.  The test requires the Java plugin.

Are you ready? Good luck! Click here for the test!