The History of the World Chess Championship

The History of the World Chess Championship

This monumental video (4 hours, 23 minutes) presents the viewer with the most important people and events that have comprised the chess world championship over the course of more than 150 years. It covers 20 players who were able to lay claim to the title of Chess World Champion (including the unofficial world champions Morphy, Anderssen, and Zukertort) and their styles.

In this the 9th of Dr. Kopec’s well-received instructional chess videos, you will learn all that you need to know about these great champions. Dr. Kopec lucidly explains their backgrounds and the aspects of their chess styles and strengths that made a significant imprint on the history and development of the game of chess. It is organized into three epochs which are called:

I. The Romantic Period (from Morphy to Steinitz).

II. The Hypermodern and Dynamic Period (from Lasker to Botvinnik)

III. The Modern Period (from Petrosian to Carlsen).

The discussion of each player is followed by one or more games that Dr. Kopec deemed the most representative of their styles, strengths, and contributions to chess. Included are 31 games or game fragments which are really a small sample when considering the thousands of games that are candidates but time constraints placed limitations and forced difficult choices.

Run Time: 4 Hours 23 Minutes


Price: $39.95

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