Champions Bundle (All Products)

Champions Bundle (All Products)

Get EVERY book and DVD created by IM Dr. Danny Kopec all at one incredible price!  This package includes:


6 Books:

* Test, Evaluate, and Improve Your Chess

* Practical Middlegame Techniques

* Mastering the Sicilian Defense (2011)

* Winning the Won Game

* Champions of the New Millennium

* Mastering Chess


9 DVDs:

* How to Analyze a Chess Position

* How to Visualize Chess Combinations

* Pawn Structures and How to Play Them

* Opening Pawn Structures, Advanced Concepts (Volume 1)

* Opening Pawn Structures, Advanced Concepts (Volume 2)

* The Kopec System

* Essential Endgame Knowledge

* Middlegame Pawn Play for Mate

* The History of the World Chess Championship


An unbeatable value.  This bundle can't be matched!


Price: $179.95

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