Test, Evaluate, and Improve Your Chess 3rd Edition Out Now

51sd7ND0qZL._BO2,204,203,200_PIsitb-sticker-arrow-click,TopRight,35,-76_AA300_SH20_OU01_Finally, weighing in at 422 pages, the third edition of Test, Evaluate, and Improve Your Chess: A Knowledge Based Approached has been published!

This book is the third in a series that represents testing and evaluation of human and computer chessplayers for over 30 years. The original work started with the Bratko-Kopec Test in 1982 whereby 24 positions proved very effective in evaluating the leave of both human and computer chessplayers. This led to the development of five tests which comprised the 1997 first edition of this book. For the 2003 edition Kopec and Terrie added two tests bringing them to a total of 182 positions comprising seven tests. These tests are particularly knowledge-based covering all phases and all levels of chess play.

The present edition, our third, adds five new tests, covering the openings including Novice (1000-1499) Intermediate (1500-1999), Advanced (2000-2199) and Super-Advance (2200 – 2700). A test covering the subtleties of King and Pawn Endings has also been added. The new 2013 edition also has the all the tests re-ordered by level of difficulty. All in all, there are 304 positions in this new comprehensive edition. The book promises to be an excellent tool for self-study and for study of chess in classes. It is an invaluable tool for instructors.

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Test, Evaluate, and Improve Your Chess: Third Edition Announced!


IM Kopec and NM Terrie are preparing the third edition of Test, Evaluate, and Improve Your Chess: A Knowledge Based Approach for publication.  The third edition will include new tests, completely redesigned and reorganized content, and an easier to use testing methodology.  The first and second editions have sold thousands of copies!  Here is a sneak peak at the new cover!

IM Dr. Kopec Joins OnlineChessLessons.net

IM Dr. Kopec has joined the team over at OnlineChessLessons.net .  He is looking forward to working with NM Will Stewart and the rest of the team to produce some great content for the online chess audience.

Checkout his first video on the site:


A Classic Kopec System Game

Follow IM Dr. Kopec on Twitter!

IM Dr. Danny Kopec has finally joined Twitter!  You can follow him @IMDrKopec

New Products in the Store

We have added San Luis 2005, a great book with an account of what may possibly be the tournament of the decade.  Also we now have Fritz 13 in stock, which is one of the best chess playing programs available for PCs.  Check them out!

Take the Bratko Kopec Test Online

We’ve updated our online Java applet that allows you to take The Bratko-Kopec Test to make it easier to use and more compatible with modern browsers.  You can find it linked from our page about the test.

The Bratko-Kopec Test is a fairly good estimator of chess rating, although it is certainly not perfect. It has been used in the computer chess industry for three decades as a fairly standard test of computer performance, but we have shown correlation with human performance as well.

The Bratko-Kopec Test is also one of the many tests featured in the book Test Evaluate and Improve Your Chess: A Knowledge Based Approach, and the CD-ROM based on the book.

The Champions Bundle is Here

Get everything you need to take your chess life to the next level for one incredible price. Nearly 20 separate products for just $249.95.  This is our ultimate package including all of IM Dr. Danny Kopec’s products and much more!  The Champions Bundle is here.
7 Books:

* Test, Evaluate, and Improve Your Chess

* Mastering Chess: A Course in 21 Lessons

* Practical Middlegame Techniques

* Mastering the Sicilian Defense (2011)

* Winning the Won Game

* Champions of the New Millennium

* Chess World Title Contenders and Their Styles


8 DVDs:

* How to Analyze a Chess Position

* How to Visualize Chess Combinations

* Pawn Structures and How to Play Them

* Opening Pawn Structures, Advanced Concepts (Volume 1)

* Opening Pawn Structures, Advanced Concepts (Volume 2)

* The Kopec System

* Essential Endgame Knowledge

* Middlegame Pawn Play for Mate



* The Saitek Competition Game Clock III (blue)

* Test, Evaluate, and Improve Your Chess Software for your PC

* A Magnetic Chess Set

* Total Kopec: A CD-Rom of over 300 of International Master Danny Kopec’s best games


An unbeatable value.  This bundle can’t be matched!

Our Biggest Sale Ever for Black Friday

Our Biggest Sale Ever for Black Friday

Our Black Friday sale this year is huge.  We’re offering all eight of Dr. Kopec’s instructional DVDs for the very special price of $69.95.  That’s over 40% off the regular price of $119.95, a $50 savings.  This incredible package includes:

  1. Essential Endgame Knowledge
  2. Middlegame Pawn Play for Mate (2 DVD’s)
  3. Pawn Structures and How to Play Them
  4. Opening Pawn Structures Volume 1
  5. Opening Pawn Structures Volume 2
  6. How to Analyze a Chess Position
  7. How to Visual Combinations (New Edition)
  8. The Kopec System
That’s 18.5 hours of content in all!  But you must order now, this special sale ends Saturday at 3 AM EST.

2011 Holiday Sale

During the 2011 holiday season take $10 off of your order of $50 or more at KopecChess.com.  Just use coupon code “holiday” at checkout to redeem this special offer.

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